Event presentation

The VIIth edition of the Scientific Conference of Students THE IMPORTANCE OF UNIVERSITY EDUCATION IN THE KNOWLEDGE-BASED SOCIETY is organised by Romanian Police Academy and is is meant as an multidisciplinary event for dissemination of knowledge from the students of our institution, as well as for the students from other universities from Romania and abroad.

The Conference tackles different domains such as:

-Law (Public, Private and Penal);

-Police Sciences;

-Behavioural Sciences;

-Forensic  Science;

-Physical Training;

-Gendarmerie related sciences;

-Border Police, Immigration, Passports and Schengen training;

-Foreign Languages;

-Archives disciplines;

-Civil Engineering;

-Fire security etc.

The event will take place on April 26-27, 2018. All interested persons should register via the Registration Section of current webpage. One person can participate with a single paper as first-author.

This edition of our event is benefits from a zero-fee registration for students. The accepted papers will be published in Conference Proceedings and indexed in international databases.